SnowDome Playland Coming to Portland

In our first ever month-long play installation, Mudland is collaborating with Portland-based artists to create a magical wonderland where children explore a world of ice and snow while staying warm and cozy indoors.

SnowDome will transport children to a whimsical wonderland where they can explore...

Crystal Caves

Venture inside geodesic domes lit with interactive projections that kids can manipulate to craft their own designs.

Fort building

Experiment with engineering and physics using huge ice-cube building blocks.

Winter Creature Dress-Up

Nurture empathy and connection to nature by becoming a yeti or arctic wolf with furry costumes and capes.

Sensory Play

Explore a moveable forest, soft fabric snowballs, and cozy fur-lined tunnels.

Why It Matters

Not every kid learns best in a classroom or gets opportunities for creative, tactile learning at school. SnowDome is an immersive, art-filled adventure that provides access to creative free-play for children of all ages and abilities, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. In order to keep SnowDome open to all, ticket prices will be on a sliding-scale, and no family will be turned away for lack of funds. We are working with local organizations and advisors to ensure a welcoming play space for children of all abilities.

You can help us make it happen!

Reach out to to learn about sponsorship opportunities for helping us produce this event.

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