Why Mud?

Nature play, and access to nature for kids, is a hot topic. Children today have less time and access to play outside in dirt than in the past. Especially in cities! Lots of research shows how important free-play and nature play is to children’s development.

Jack Gilbert and Rob Knight's book 'Dirt is Good' explores many benefits of playing in dirt. Check out this review.

We love the design challenge of how to make mud play work indoors. Our designer, Christina Frank, has assembled a gaggle of consultants to think about how to make this kind of water-and-dirt-play work inside. We also hope that MUDLAND will advocate for messy play for kids, and give more families permission to let their kids get messy in their own self-directed play at home!

Katie has researched and visited many cutting-edge playgrounds and children’s museums around the world, and hasn’t found any yet that use water-play combined with sand or dirt indoors. MUDLAND may be the first of its kind!