Sven Playroom Launches!

Sven, the 750-foot tall residential/commercial tower in Queens designed by Handel Architects for the Durst Organization is LEED Platinum certified, includes over 900 residential units, and a beautiful children's playroom.

Mudland had a great time designing the playspace as part of a gorgeous interior design and amenities package created by Selldorf Architects. The playroom aesthetic riffs on the natural, warm and inviting materials, while adding a playful twist through shape and color application. We worked with the artist Sophie Smallhorn to create a joyful minimalist color palette and graphic paint application, a custom toy set of large fabric magnets, and the fun tile pattern in the bathroom. Playroom features include: climbing platforms, a magnetic wall, climbing stairs for crawling babies, stadium seating, a craft table area, and a reading nook. This is a flexible activity space that serves the play needs of many ages and abilities.