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Featured Installation

Sven Playroom Long Island City

Mudland collaborated with artist Sophie Smallhorn to imagine the ultimate kids playroom for a new residential building in New York.

Mudland Play Kits

Party with rentable kits for play at home!

Custom Toys for Sven Playroom

Giant bespoke playthings to stretch the imagination.

Play Studies by Reese Bowes

Designer Reese Bowes created some meditative studies in sound and imagery for Mudland.

Mud Day 2019

Another fun day of mud play in NYC

Mud Day at the VIA

Our Mud Day at the VIA in midtown Manhattan was a huge success. Check out the photos here!

Portland's First Adventure Playground

Portland Free Play started an Adventure Play Garden! Find us and help fund the campaign.

IDA Grant Recipient!

Katie is an IDA matched savings grant recipient from MercyCorps NW!

Portland Free Play & the Adventure Play Movement

Katie works with a local group, Portland Free Play, bringing opportunities for creative, messy, unstructured play.

Why Mud?

Research shows the importance of nature play to children’s development, but children today have little access to play in the dirt.

Loose Parts at Vernon Elementary

What happens when you introduce loose parts to recess at a public elementary school?

Extraordinary Playscapes Catalog is Out!

This catalog is full of great examples of playgrounds around the world and essays about play!


The Playwork Campference was a camping conference for folks involved in adventure play that took place in Val Verde, CA.

Association of Children's Museums Annual Conference

Photos from the conference of our pop-up play installation. We talked about the importance of nature play and access to materials kids can build with.

Richard Dattner-designed PlayPanels, Built by Todd Isaacs of Spacecraft

We have a set of PlayPanels, designed by architect Richard Dattner, that are making the rounds at our pop-up play days!